Naughty By Nature!

Heather Hunter| 19 Apr 2014| 0 comments | People

Treach will be featured in my new celebrity portrait book “The Unforgettable” volume 1 of male icon’s of the entertainment industry. Coming soon, next year January 2015 it will showcase intimate portraits of stars from film, music, television, D.J’s, and sports. I’ve been working on this visual project for a year now. And I look forward to sharing my close and personal imagery, of some of the most talented people in the world.

With Naughty by Nature, Treach worked with fellow group members Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee. Sometimes he would share verses on songs with Vin Rock, but often, especially on the group’s earlier albums, Treach would be the sole performer on the song. Examples of this are some of the group’s most well known singles from their self-titled second album, such as “O.P.P.,” and “Ghetto Bastard“.  Treach and I wanted to capture a image that represented his solo debut mix tape called “Tribal Treach” and I must you can feel the essence of the imagery.

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