About Heather Hunter

hhWelcome!  My name is Heather Hunter – a celebrity, author, painter and photographer born in the Bronx of New York City. It was during my frequent travels around the world that I discovered my passion for photography.  Ultimately, it led me to attend the New York Institute of Photography to develop my skills as a photographer.  In 2009 I graduated with a NYIP Merit Award.

Having been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years (mostly in front of the camera) I decided to switch sides.  As a photographer I specialize in transforming and capturing the natural beauty inside and out.  My body of work includes fashion-, beauty-, artistic fine nude-, portrait-, celebrity-, commercial-, pet and nature photographs.hh-sig


Hailed as her generation most adored erotic icon, Heather Hunter has proven that she is more than a pretty face with erotic skills over the past decades. She is the first African-American woman to boldly cross, racial barriers into mainstream entertainment through adult film. Recognized by her loyal cult of fans around the world and referenced in songs by super star rappers like LL Cool J, Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dog and Lil’Kim, through collaborating with Tupac Shakur, Heather has smashed taboos and led the charge of sexual liberation. “I never really thought about it when I was doing it”, Heather admits. “I just knew what I wanted to do and make it happen. That’s just how I am. The hustle on the streets of Harlem and Brooklyn make you tough.”

hh2Heather would ultimately use these tough experiences as fuel for her unwavering ambition to succeed. Blessed in the arts of writing, painting, singing and dancing, she jump-started her entertainment career with a local R&B group when she was in her teens. Bitten by the showbiz bug Heather continued to feed her hunger for creative conquest and push the limits. Soon she became the hottest property in adult film and the second woman to be inducted in the Adult Film Hall of Fame.

Today Heather – or “Double H” – as she is referred to by most of her fans is a living African-American pop culture icon. In 2005 she returned to her musical roots with the release of the album “Double H – The Unexpected”. The songs showcase the production wizardry of DJ Premier and Scott Storch and the new music video “So Serious” features her together with Wyclef Jean.

hh3Heather gives the listener a multi dimension view into her complex mind. “People know me for many different things”, she explains. “But they really don’t know all of me. On this album people get to find out what really makes me Double H.” Keeping true to her unpredictable nature Heather displays her versatility contrasting sharp edged songs like “So Serious” with “Love” when her emotional side is on display. But one album alone does not even come close enough to fulfilling her insatiable passion for being number one.

Heather has appeared in mainstream blockbuster films such as “American Gangster” and “He Got Game” as well as lending her voice to rock star games such as “Grand Theft Auto” and having her animated series “Bullet Proof Diva” (UBO). In 2007 as the crowned queen of all media she published her novel “Insatiable”. Future plans will include the debut of the new, hot, rap-, R&B-, pop-, Hunter Glam models produced by Heather Hunter, Treach and Mic Hanz. Stay tuned.

For now Heather has found her true passion in photography. With a remarkable sense of creativity and unbreakable work ethic she has a vision to create an haute, nude art, on-line magazine called “Hunter Glam” and “Hunter – Man” once again expressing true urban beauty on screen.



The passion I have for photography is like no other, I get a liberated feeling when I capture each shot through my Canon lens! I do most of my photography at my studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn N.Y.

The Canon Mark 2 /5Dis the “Porsche” of digital cameras! The speed and smooth clicks captures vivid images that you can reach out to touch!

With the HD video capabilities I’m able to capture up close & personal interviews with my beautiful models.

I truly love the Phase One 645D- IQ180 camera it is the “Maybach” of digital camera’s. The new IQ180 digital back offers 80. Megapixels. Resolution captured in full frame, 645 format capture images of stunning quality with extreme detail reproduction. I use the Phase One for major projects.

My Olympus E-3 is one of the fastest cameras on the market. One of NASA cameras of choice! Because of it’s quick shots you never miss a beat. My E-3 is my personal pocket camera for on the go.

For lighting my Profoto – Monolights D1- 500 are the best, one simple plug in, and you create the perfect light source looking, with no extra cords in your way!

“Every day is a learning experience with photography, if you have the ultimate passion for it…you will only get better!”hh-sig